The 50 Greatest Professional Wrestlers of All Time: The Definitive Shoot

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Earlier in his career, before Lesnar became a UFC champion, he was full go mode in WWE, becoming its youngest champion ever and being on track to become one the greatest of all time. Now he's a gun for hire, but an impressive one at that. If you were building the perfect wrestler, it might just be Kenta Kobashi. He is one of the greatest all around workers in wrestling history and a true hero in Japan. Interestingly enough, Kobashi lost his first 63 matches, but would eventually become the gold standard in Japan before making memorable runs in promotions like Ring of Honor and World League Wrestling.

50 Greatest Professional Wrestlers Of All Time : The Definitive Shoot

Edge was undoubtedly one of the greatest tag team wrestlers of all time. But he surprised a lot of people when he became a standout singles wrestler who drew the admiration of everyone in the WWE Universe. Jushin Thunder Liger established the junior heavyweight style wrestling during the s, which would translate to success in lighter weight divisions around the globe.

His moves were impressive, his look was mesmerizing and his matches were unforgettable. But few were bigger than Roberts during the late s. He brought a different kind of charisma as a babyface and sinister nature as a heel. He was one of the most beloved performers of his day and the man behind one of the greatest finishing moves ever in the DDT.

Brisco along with his family made one of the biggest discoveries in wrestling history when he scouted a little known talent named Terry Bollea, who would become Hulk Hogan. Prior to that, however, Jack Brisco was laying the groundwork for what it meant to be a top-notch champion throughout the s. RIP Chris Benoit pic. Hands down, the most controversial wrestler on this list. It has nothing to do with his in-ring ability.

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Benoit could be considered one of the 30 greatest in-ring performers ever for his technical prowess and willingness to put everything on the line. But Tsuruta changed that by becoming one of the most popular stars in Japanese wrestling history. Not only did he compete against some of the greatest stars the wrestling world had to offer in the s and s. But Tsuruta also became the first Triple Crown champion, which would become the pinnacle for Japanese wrestlers. Professional wrestler and TV pioneer Gorgeous George died on this date in , at the age of He's at Valhalla Memorial Park.

During the popular era of the s and s, Gorgeous George became a mainstream success for creating a flamboyant character unlike anything else in wrestling. His style and personality drew in people outside of wrestling diehards to the show and inspired other pop culture stars, such as Muhammad Ali and James Brown to develop the art of the promo. He was a huge draw throughout the s, whose star power made in a national hero. That gif reminds me of the iconic photo of Ivan Koloff mid kneedrop, seemingly floating over Bruno pic. He never achieved the mainstream status of the babyfaces he worked with.

When you go by the name Mr. Perfect, you better be good. And Curt Hennig was great. He never reached such levels in the WWE.

The 50 Greatest Professional Wrestlers of All Time : The Definitive Shoot

However, he is arguably the greatest mid-card performer and Intercontinental Champion in history. Freddie Blassie vs Rikidozan pic. In fact, Blassie was so hated, promotions often had to bring in extra police to assure his safety with large crowds. The big guy is coming to the Club! Everywhere the man known as Big Van Vader went, he stood out. WWEgames but what about Satoru Sayama pic. And it seemed like he would never lose either of them. Superstar Billy Graham. Before taking the WWE universe by storm, Danielson was, arguably, the greatest wrestler in Ring of Honor history and an inspiration to fans everywhere.

There was something seriously off about Bruiser Brody. Given his Olympic pedigree, Kurt Angle might be the best pure wrestler sports entertainment has ever seen.

But he brought so much more to the table. Even with all the big names from Japan on this list, Mutoh might be the most important. Stan Hansen's opponents never did. Stan Hansen brought a different style to American wrestling that would help him standout in various promotions. He was a stiff worker with a cowboy persona unlike anything else at the time.

WWE Top 50 Greatest Debuts in History

Hanson quickly became of the most memorable villains in WWE history and was part of some of the greatest feuds and matches of the s. When you think of Chris Jericho, you think of a guy oozing with charisma who could dominate on the mic and hold his own with anyone in the ring.

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Riki Choshu vs. New Japan Pro Wrestling might not exist today had Riki Choshu carried it on his back during much of the s. For three decades, Choshu would serve as the centerpiece of the promotion, taking on both Japanese stars like Antonio Inoki and Jumbo Tsuruta and standouts from the U. What About Bob Backlund? ProWrestlerAMovie pic. Bob Backlund was as prolific and reliable a WWE superstar as anyone during the s and early s. Your opinion of Abdullah the Butcher probably depends on your stomach for hardcore wrestling.

This is where hardcore wrestling took shape, in brutal and violent fashion that has yet to be matched. What's El Santo the legendary Lucha Libre wrestler doing in the studio? El Santo was more than just a wrestler. He was an ambassador for Mexico. His wrestling career lasted nearly 50 years and made him one of the most famous figures in the entire country.

Forty-seven years ago today on this date: Dory Funk Jr. One of Dory Funk Jr. His in-ring abilities made him standout in the National Wrestling Alliance, while his later career work as a coach would influence an entire new generation of superstars. He came from the underground circuit and was a legend in Ring of Honor. And with one promo The legendary Pimp Bomb , he changed the landscape of wrestling by name-dropping the indies. He was a great technician who was committed to the traditions of wrestling.

Eventually, the industry left his way of thinking behind. But during his time, Gagne was able to make himself into the star by knowing how to own the crowd and build careers from the ground up. Few wrestlers were better regarded inside the industry than Guerrero. There were no false gimmicks. His promo work was top notch and his storytelling was second to none. The fact that it came in brutal hardcore matches is all the more impressive. No one put their body on the line like Foley, who defied the odds to become one of wrestling greatest stars.

Bockwinkel may be the smartest wrestler of all time. From the early s through the late s, he revolutionized professional wrestling. He was an in-ring technician unlike anyone else.

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Bockwinkel was also ahead of his time on the mic, with intellectual promos that helped him standout among the over the top personas in the industry. When it comes to Lucha Libre wrestling, there is considered a big three of defining stars. While the previous two had a tremendous impact in Mexico, Mascaras is the guy most responsible for making Lucha Libre popular in other parts of the world. Ricky Steamboat's real name is Richard Blood. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat was never the guy. Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings on the inside. Ships from Reno, NV.

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