Steps To Piano Playing By Ear

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This test will show you how well you really know the music! Afterwards you can progress to transposing chords to other keys as well.

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How To Play Piano By Ear - PART 1 of 2

Close Start Learning Today Enter your name and email to receive 3 short introductory piano lessons You will not receive any spam. Improve sight-reading. Really feel the nuances of pulse and rhythm — rarely is timing an issue when playing by ear.

​The Any Key Music System ​Feature​s

Develop intrinsic co-ordination. Develop skills which allow students to learn pieces faster.

How To Play Piano by Ear for Beginners

Be a rounded musician who always has a few party pleasers handy. Discovering something new, that applies to both the teacher and student. To have fun! Like a Sketch This is the process I use when a student and I begin a piece by ear. We listen to the piece together during the lesson considering the structure, verse, chorus, bridge, etc. We find our home key. This is really important because it considerably narrows down the possible notes.

Next, we decide whether the excerpt is major or minor and then play the relevant scale. Now we must ease the ear in. With our key identified we play the primary triads, I add the 6 chord also at this stage.

The secret of playing by ear is listening

This is a great opportunity to work on keyboard harmony and theory skills. Identifying the most likely chords in this way, again, reduces possibilities. At this stage, I think consensus is split, I begin with the melody, I like to have it in place. Now it is time to add the chords.

How to learn songs by ear - Easy guide to play songs by hearing

I encourage students to keep it very simple, just playing triads rather than getting involved with accompaniment patterns. However, we do include any catchy bass lines. Now, the student gets the simple version, as described above, under their fingers. Then we add the chosen accompaniment pattern, this can throw up coordination issues and some talk of pulse and time can be useful.

Remind the student to keep listening back to the track and refining their piece. Keep playing, keep listening, keep uncovering and keep having fun. Foundations Before launching our students into playing by ear, there are activities we can undertake at the earliest stages to develop skills unconsciously. Listening games.

Play a section from a piece they know making a slight change. Look together for the tunes you know on the piano. For older students: Revise key relations and scales, learn the most likely chords, cadences and key changes, work on keyboard harmony skills and learn the circle of 5ths in practice. Learn to play from a lead sheet. Give lots of encouragement. Analyse pieces they are learning from the score, highlight particularly wonderful chord progressions. Talk about music in its parts, my favourite interval, voice leading in chords etc. Transpose simple chord progressions, or pieces.

A Powerful Tool Teaching students to play by ear is not just an enjoyable part of a lesson, it has become one of my most powerful teaching aids.

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