Mixtus-Americans Salvation From Oppressive Sin

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5 The Treatise on the Apocalypse

They all agreed to go to a new election, which was refered to the next lecture day. One Abigail Gifford, widow, being kept at the charge of the parish of Wilsden in Middlesex near London, was sent by Mr. Symes chosen their teacher. By a letter from Plimouth it was certified that the Dutch of Hudson's River had been at Connecticut, and came in warlike manner to put the Plimouth men out of their house there, but when they stood upon their defence, they departed, without offering any violence. Cotton preached out of Numbers xxxv. All the ministers except Mr.

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Whether it be lawful for us to carry the cross in our banners? In the first case they all agreed that if a General Governor were sent, we ought not to accept him, but defend our lawful possessions if we were able otherwise to avoid or protract. For the matter of the cross they were divided, and so defered it to another meeting.

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About the middle of this month, Mr. La Tour made them answer, that he took them as lawful prize, and that he had authority from the King of France, who challenged all from Cape Sable to Cape Cod, wishing them to take notice and to certify the rest of the English that if they traded to the east of Pennaquid he would make prize of them. At the same time six others were kept a week at the Governor's garden, and in the end got with their boat to Mattahan point; for near all that time there was no open place between the garden and Boston, neither was there any passage at Charlestown for two or three days, the wind about the N.

Bellingham, passing over the ice to Winesemitt, fell in and was drowned. The Governor and divers of the assistants met and confered about it, but did not think fit to try them here. A general court at Newtown, Mr. He was adjudged by all the court to be disabled for three years from bearing any public office.

One of the assistants was called to the lower end of the table to answer for refusing to pay towards a rate made by the court, and was fined 5l.

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The occasion was that divers of the brethren of that church not liking the proceedings of the pastor, and withal making question whither they were a church or not, did separate from church communion. There were three or four cast up as it seems there is almost every year. He was heard before all the ministers, and very clearly confessed. Endicott was at first of the same opinion, but gave place to the teacher. Dummer chosen assistants to the former; and Mr.

The Monastery, by Walter Scott

Ludlow the late deputy left out of the magistracy. But this was generally distrusted, and the election adjudged good.

The new Governor in his speech to the people declared his purpose to spare their charge towards his allowance this year, partly in respect of their love shewed towards him, and partly for that he observed how much the people had been pressed lately with public charges, which the poorer sort did much groan under. Stoughton the last general court, but it was rejected, and the sentence affirmed by the country to be just.

At this general court some of the chief of Ipswich desired leave to remove to Quafcacunquen to begin a town there, which was granted them, and it was named Newberry. She came from Christopher Island; she brought tons of salt, and 10, wt. This Island lies in and is about 30 miles in compass; inhabited by two colonies, one English and another French.

There is in it about 4, persons, they have three English churches, but the people are very wicked as this merchant who dwelt there five years complained. The salt is made with the sun in a watering pan half a mile from the sea.

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Their rain begins in September and continues till February. They came from the Tessell in 5 weeks 3 days, and lost not one beast or sheep. There arrived also the same day the James a ship of tons with cattle and passengers which came all safe from S. Graves was master, who had come every year for these seven years. They came all within six weeks. A bark of 40 tons arrived set forth with 20 servants by Sir Richard Saltonstall to go plant at Connecticut. It appeared likewise by a copy of a petition sent over to us, that they had divided all this country of New-England, viz.

Croix in the East, and that of Lord Baltimore called Maryland, into twelve provinces, disposed to twelve in England, who should send each ten men to attend the general Governor coming over; but this proved not effectual, the Lord frustrated their design. Two carpenters going to wash themselves in the river between Mount Woollaston and Wessagasus, where carried away with the tide and drowned. Hodges in the Rebecca set sail for the Isle of Sable for sea-horse which are there in great number, and wild cows.

He saw about cattle small and great, all red, and the largest he ever saw, and many foxes, whereof some perfect black. There is no wood upon it, but store of wild pease and flags by the ponds, and grass. They found there upon the Island 16 Frenchmen who had wintered there, and built a little fort, and had killed some black foxes; they had killed also many of the cattle, so as they found not above , and but two or three calves. They could kill but 5 sea-horse by reason they were forced to travel so far in the sand as they were too weak to stick them, and they came away at such time as they used to go up heights to eat green pease.

The winter there is very cold, and the snow above knee deep. That the magistrate ought not to furnish the breach of the first table otherwise than in such cases as did disturb the civil peace. That he ought not to tendre an oath to an unregenerate man. Much debate was about these things. At this court Wessagascus was made a plantation, and Mr.

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Hall a minister and 21 families with him allowed to sit down there: Salem men had preferred a petition at the last general court for some land on Marblehead Neck, which they did challenge as belonging to their town, but because they had chosen Mr. Upon this the church of Salem wrote to other churches to admonish the magistrates of this as a heineous sin, and likewise the deputies; for which at the next general court their deputies were not received until they should give satisfaction about the letter.

The wind having blown hard at S. The Great Hope of Ipswich being, about tons, was driven on ground at Mr. About 8 o'clock the wind came about to N. In the same tempest a bark of Mr. Allerton's was cast away upon Cape Anne, and 21 persons drowned; among the rest one Mr. None were saved but one Mr. The general court gave Mr.

One of the children was then cast dead on shore, and the rest never found.

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But by a letter which the Capt. Divers lewd seavants viz. A commission was granted at the general court to Capt. Trask to fetch them and other such from the Eastward. At next court they were severely whipped, and ordered to pay all charges. At this court there was granted to Mr. A town was also began above the falls of Charles river. At the Dutch plantation this summer a ship's long boat was overset with a gust, and five men in her who got upon the keel and were driven to sea four days, in which time three of them dropt off and were drowned; and the 5th day the 4th being sore beaten and parched with hunger and thirst, wilfully fell off and was drowned.

Soon after the wind came up at S. Grig was to have for it l. The general court being assembled, agreed to aid them with men and ammunition, and therefore wrote to them to send one with commission to treat with us about it, resolving to drive them out whatsoever it should cost yet first to put them to bear the charge if it might be for we saw that their neighbourhood would be very dangerous to us. S— to us with commission to treat. Four of the commissioners gave them a meeting which grew to this issue; that they refused to deal further in it otherwise than as a common cause of the whole country, and so to contribute their part.

Here arrived two great ships the Defence and the Abigail, with Mr. Wilson pastor of Boston, and Mr. Jones and other ministers. There came also one Mr. His father being very averse to this way as no way favouring the power of religion would hardly have consented to his coming hither, but acquainting the King with his son's disposition and desire, he commanded him to send him hither, and gave him licence for three years stay here.