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Britte i totally understood why she was nervous about giving this burning desire a chance, we all have a plan and our comfort zone so to step out or let someone in is always scary. A fantastic romance story about letting someone in to give them and you a chance about something more. This book really didn't play out the way I wanted to. That said, the author did a great job with her characters and the editing is much better than the first book only found two errors.

I felt the characters didn't really have their minds or hearts in to fighting the romance. Yes, the result is predictable but I kind of wished there had been more keeping them apart - not necessarily drama, just Unlike the first book, this time what keeps the protagonist from starting a relationship is he This book really didn't play out the way I wanted to. Unlike the first book, this time what keeps the protagonist from starting a relationship is her past, specifically her parents. While I liked that part, I felt like there was so much potential for more. And instead she just gets over it.

Anyway, still love this author and the series so I'll keep going! Jun 24, LPJ marked it as didn-t-finish.

She was So. Beckett was being fairly awesome and sweet, and she was just ugh. Back and forth and back and forth. Blaming Beckett for her mistakes and issues. I'm hoping the ending includes Beckett walking away and her having to make a Grand Gesture to get him back, but honestly, it stopped mattering. She's a flawed character who I just didn't care if she got her HEA because I'm not sure she deserved it. She just wore me out to the point where I stopped caring. The conflict between the two characters was predictable but also easy to relate to. I felt like this story was a bit over done at times and not enough romance.

Nov 12, Julie Place rated it it was amazing. I know it's another cheesy romance Novel but I loved it!!! I think mainly because it was based out of lacrosse wi! View all 3 comments. So glad to have finally read this book! Oh My Gosh, I am in love with this series!! These characters are so lovable!!!! Jun 15, ewa is currently reading it.

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I sooo can't wait for this book, just read chapter one and its so promising. Rachel is simply best of the best! Jun 16, Danielle from Short and Sassy rated it liked it. Mar 03, Samantha Larkin rated it really liked it. I wasn't disappointed, even with the high expectations I had for this book.

A solid from me!

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Mar 09, Kim rated it did not like it. I wanted to like "Bet on Me. It started off to a great beginning with me: the opening scene has our book hero, Beckett Harris, plainly stalking pursuing his girl at a college party. Britte Nichols I hate that name, btw. I dunno why. I just hate "Britte" was a junior medical student, who just wants to focus on school, earning better-than-good grades, and work. She neither wants nor needs a man in her life. Which is freakin' awesome! I say: amen, sister, AMEN! And this is huge BUT. So, she sets up a game. Not consciously, of course. She just drags Beckett along and makes him want what he cannot have.

Where he was the love her then lose her playboy type before, he's now the one being played with. And the sap couldn't help, but want more of the shit he's already taking. Femme fatala Britte also has serious mommy issues.

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Understandably so, since her birth mother was a bitch of epic proportions. I feel for her. In Britte's shoes, I'd still be carrying a bitter lit torch with her mother's name written on it. Alas, her father is a saint, and forced her to get closure from her mother's abandonment. Since she's had a life-long fear of being left behind again, Britte decided it's best if she does the leaving, and not the other way around.

Well, wow, I say. For a supposed bright woman, she sure was stupid. Moved to the DNF shelf. I was quite disappointed in this one. I generally enjoy Higginson's writing because the couples usually have great banter, even though the female leads are a bit melodramatic and flawed. There's nothing wrong with being flawed but I notice that the Heroines are a bit dramatic about what prevents them from pursuing a relationship with the Hero.

I usually finish books but had a hard time continuing this one.

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I did not care to find out how they end up together. Britte was Moved to the DNF shelf. Britte was just too much for me- too much negativity and woe is me attitude. I just did not care for her, which is a shame because I really liked her in the first novel. I got halfway done view spoiler [ I stopped after she snapped at Beckett when he told her not to write off her mom. His whole dilemma about his career seemed juvenile. I had an issue with the writing as well.

The whole subplot of the "exoticness" of ethnic cuisine turned me off. Was is supposed to show how "boho" Britte is because she knows how to order ethnic foo? It came off as ridiculous and not comedic. Also the scene where Britte discusses her dad's personality with Beckett clearly negates a whole scene in Book 1. During that day, Beckett met Britt's dad and hit it off so well that Britte's dad wanted to be Facebook friends with Beckett. I thought that scene was hilarious so for Higginson to just forget it and write like Beckett never met him was disappointing. This was a very enjoyable rom-com about Britte Ellie's best friend and Beckett Ellie's brother , and how they came to find a life of love together.

The book was well written, and the audible narration was done perfectly so that the lines were delivered to really add to the comedic factor of this story. This series is 2 books long, and you should read book 1 prior to starting book 2, so you know all the characters. Book 1 was funny, but I think book 2 had even more laughs, if that's possible. Loved it I don't care what anyone has to say, I love this book and I'm usually so far from the ya stuff it's not even funny. So beautiful and authentic it's just captivating. I couldn't put it down.

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Higginson you are my hero. Well done. I think this is the best so far. The first book with Ellie and Fin was good but Beckett and Britte danced around each other through the whole thing.

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I could wait to see what happened with them. This book hooked me from cover to cover and I couldn't put it down.

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I need the next book in the series! Great Another great story. Love how the entire family is so involved in this story and we continue to see them grow. Jul 07, Rose Maniscalco rated it liked it.