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Apparently not in time to practice with Alejandro Escovedo, though, who put in a well-received minute set with no Bruce appearance. Main event showtime at , with Bruce and the E Street Band taking the stage to the vroom vroom sound of a revving Harley, Bruce shouting out, "Good evening, Harley-Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts! Bruce made 'em both happy with the opener, a scorching "Gypsy Biker"'s first time in that position.

A rocking sign set commenced with "Wooly Bully," the old Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs hit, the request spelled out in cotton balls on a sign in the shape of a bull. The only time they really seemed to slow down to catch their breath was on "Darkness on the Edge of Town," a beautiful performance that served to center the band before they dove back into the fray with "Youngstown.

Davidson -- and as a "good end-of-summer song. Just when you might have thought it was over, Bruce hollered at the band, "Come on! Let's go! Keep it going! An amazing "Seven Nights to Rock" kept the engines roaring after "Badlands" to close the main set, Bruce truly rocking out on guitar at the end.

He was absolutely beaming, getting hugs from Bruce and Steve before leaving the stage. Of course, "Sandy" also includes the line "Every summer when the weather gets hot they ride that road down from heaven on their Harleys Some have expressed surprise that Springsteen would play a corporate event, but it's hard to deny his affinity with the "product. For "Thunder Road," the screens displayed Bruce's motorcycle cred, showing a series of images of Bruce riding over the years -- and the crowd ate that up, too. During "Glory Days," Bruce: "Don't you gotta be in church tomorrow? A quick kiss for Ginny -- "That's my sis!

We can't leave without this one, I guess I hope we know it! We're only just getting started! For the full song list, and reports from other recent performances, see our Setlists page. Saddler 3, 4, 5, 6, 8. Read more in the Asbury Park Press. He has a collection of beautiful motorcycles, and he goes out and he's ridden all over the country I personally got on a couple when I was younger and put them right down into the pavement, so I decided I'm a little too spaced out and there's too many notes running around in my brain for me to safely drive a Harley.

According to the Journal Sentinel, "The crowd for Saturday's Harley show could max out at 70, people, which would put it in contention for the largest rock concert in Milwaukee history.

The 5 exceptional secrets of learning English easily through songs.

He never dreamed he'd be a recording artist himself. But, as fate would have it, now in , Springsteen has given permission to Michael's band Inglas Rick Escobar, guitarist, etc. Starting today, new charter memberships in The Friends of the Bruce Springsteen Special Collection -- the fans who manage the 10,document archives devoted to Bruce books, magazines and other printed works -- will be automatically entered into a raffle for a limited edition of Eric Meola's Born To Run: The Unseen Photos.

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Here's the kicker: the book that's part of this already precious package has been signed on the cover by both Bruce Springsteen and Clarence Clemons. Deadline for becoming eligible for the drawing is September 30, and memberships are limited, so check out the Friends website for details. That's been the question, but it's looking like not.

Following the Super Bowl buzz of a few weeks ago outcome still undetermined , the latest Springsteen internet rumor would have The Boss playing the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night. Within the past few days, mulitple news outlets have fueled speculation of Springsteen as a surprise guest to follow Barack Obama's acceptance speech with an acoustic performance. But though "multiple sources" had sworn to it, there's been no official confirmation, and several news sources -- some of which had originally run with the story -- are now quashing the rumor:. Well, we'll be tuning in anyway.

But as the tour neared its close, the Harley show began to look more and more like a separate thing. Saturday night's St. Louis barnburner had the feel of one of Springsteen's penultimate night specials. Indeed, in Kansas City on Sunday, Bruce confirmed that they wouldn't be saving the last dance for Milwaukee: "This is the last official night of our Magic tour," he said from the Sprint Center stage, "so anything can happen!

Yes, Max Weinberg on the mic! The night before was the rock 'n' roll blow-out, with Kansas City more of a sprawling, celebratory, everything's-out-the-window-now romp -- the way Springsteen seems to like to wrap up a tour these days.

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Not with a neat bow, but with ribbons everywhere. That led into "Cynthia," Bruce telling the crowd, "We're gonna do back-to-back Farfisa songs tonight! Oh, we're really flying by the seat of our pants now! A little tutoring, be right back. And maybe there was really only one song this could be -- the one, perfectly fitting song to break out for a sign like that.

But in any case, damn impressive that they came up with it on the fly: it was "Boys," originally a Shirelles song, but most know it as sung by Max's hero, Ringo Starr, as Ringo's first recorded vocal with the Beatles. Max made the most of it, hollering out to "Kansas City!

Musically, it sounded fantastic. A brilliant sign moment. Breaking out another oldie just a few songs later, Bruce put the spotlight on another E Streeter. A great performance, with Bruce taking a verse and sharing the mic with Soozie on the chorus. A poignant "Sandy" opened the encore "in honor of our good friend Dan," Bruce said, with Charlie moving over to piano and Roy on the accordion. Bruce mentioned a donation that Sprint made to the Danny Federici Melanoma Fund and continued, "We're closing out our first tour ever without him. Gonna send this one out to you But of course that wasn't all she wrote just yet.

A wonderful, soulful moment before the hopping commenced. Hannah, a little girl who had the honor a couple times before on this tour, came back for one last dance -- she upped the ante for Bruce with a cartwheel, and he responded with a somersault of his own. Thank you Kansas City! Thank you E Street Nation! And it sure would be a whole lot more bittersweet if we didn't know they were going to be back on stage in less than a week!

Making his European debut will be the first beat from E Street, Vini Lopez, who will be headlining both nights of the two-day event with his re-formed Steel Mill featuring Tony "Boccigalupe" Amato on keyboards. The weekend will include non-stop entertainment featuring artists from across the world performing songs that span Springsteen's entire year recording career.

Top Spanish Springsteen covers band Spirits in the Night will also be playing a full-on set of favorite Springsteen tracks. Other artists from across Europe will also be performing in the afternoon on the acoustic stage allowing fans the opportunity to enjoy the music in a more intimate setting.

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For those wishing to experience the real thing, a non-stop Bruce Cinema will be showing rare and unreleased footage. Plus: a Bruce quiz, Bruce disco try out those "Dancing in the Dark" moves among friends! For ticket pricing and further information visit www. The Magic tour resumes in Jacksonville tonight! Visit eBay.

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Get your picture taken with Steven as well as an item autographed! Keep checking back as new auction lots will be added as each show gets closer. Steven's Rock and Roll Forever Foundation is a non-profit, educational organization founded on the belief that rock and roll is among America's most lasting contributions to world culture. In accordance with this, the Foundation's mission is to study, preserve, and celebrate rock and roll's place among the arts that have defined the 20th century and continue to shape life in the 21st.

The car was on display yesterday, too, as New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg posed in it for a photo op whlle making the announcement. The opening of the 25,square foot annex at 76 Mercer Street is planned for November.